• 20% off Adult SUPER Tees + April's Cause

    20% off all adult SUPER Tees for the month of April + $10 per purchase goes towards prison reform organization "The Last Prisoner Project". Click for more information.
  • November's Cause: Nigeria

    What's good? First and foremost, thank you guys for supporting the last cause. We were able to send money over to the AABCA last week. My apologies...
  • SUPER by Cope "Season Two" Collection Drops Tomorrow

    Preview our new collection set to drop tomorrow at 3:04 PM EST.
  • New Tees To Drop When The NBA Finals is Announced..

    What's good? I'll keep this brief. The Kobe Courtside Tee drops whenever the Western Conference Finals finishes and the Live Nine Five Tee drops w...
  • September & October's Cause: African American Breast Cancer Alliance

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month is right around the corner. Find out how we'll be helping out for the next 2 months.
  • Something To Hold You Over

    What's good? We're working day in and day out to get this 2nd collection full of new designs to y'all as soon as possible. While you've been waitin...
  • New Colorways Because Why Not?

    Happy Wednesday. I decided to drop 3 new colorways for your favorite shorts because why not? Hopefully this holds you over until the fall collectio...
  • B.L.A.C.C. to Sponsor SUPER This Friday! ($30 OFF)

    B.L.A.C.C. will giving away $30 coupons to 15 lucky people this Friday. Because of this, our remaining JAM tees will be unavailable until 6 PM on F...
  • August's Cause: The Brownies' Book™

    Learn about how we'll be supporting the reignition of The Brownies Book™.
  • NEWS: "On Fire" Restock, Don't Be Goofy Tee & New Hats

    What up? Due to the demand, I'm bringing back our On Fire JAM box art tee as well as debuting a tee that's a bit more lighthearted and affordable. ...
  • July's Cause: B.L.A.C.C.

    Read about how SUPER will be supporting Black businesses with purchases of our tote bags through the crowdfunding group, B.L.A.C.C.
  • June's Cause

    Each month, SUPER by Cope will donate proceeds from at least one of our items to a cause to help Black people. For this first month we decided to give proceeds from a couple of our hats to the family of Breonna Taylor.