September & October's Cause: African American Breast Cancer Alliance

What's going on?

First and foremost.. like always.. I'd like to thank you for supporting us and supporting August's Cause. This month we're going to be to bringing back featured items to support a cause I've been thinking about since SUPER's inception and that's support and resources for those with breast cancer. This is a very important cause (for us especially) and with Breast Cancer Awareness month being October I figured we'd get a head start and make this a 2 month journey.

After doing some research I found an organization that helps Black communities affected by breast cancer, the African American Breast Cancer Alliance. There's a donation button on their site so this felt like the perfect opportunity.

So let's get straight to it, every item that you purchase in PINK or LILAC will effectively be a donation to the AABCA. All of the items you can purchase are below and will only be available until October 31st. Also, when we drop Season Two there will be pink items in the collection as well. 

I'll holla though.

- Cope