November's Cause: Nigeria

What's good? First and foremost, thank you guys for supporting the last cause. We were able to send money over to the AABCA last week.

My apologies for the late update on this month's cause. Though I'm not Nigerian, I really wanted to help the people directly affected by SARS and it was very important to me to find a trustworthy group that's still taking donations that could help. Fortunately, after some time I was referred to God's Heart Foundation, a small group who have been helping people in Nigeria since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Each purchase of a "Peace & Green" heavyweight shirt will go towards families affected by the pandemic and SARS. 100% of the proceeds. As always, I'll be sending the donation at the end of the month. If anything changes between now and then, I'll be sure to update you all. Thank you as always.

I'll holla.

- Cope