What is SUPER by Cope?

Before we tell you that, we have to explain the Super Console Drive and it's history. SCD started off back in 2015 as a toy drive with just video games and consoles to play them on. We figured putting children on to the old systems we loved as kids would be cool and even had a video game tournament during the event. The tournament was a hit. It has since become a fundraising tournament and the proceeds from our following events were given to elementary schools in Harlem World, USA.

Another thing that was a huge hit were the video game themed shirts we made. Starting off with print screened tees with some of your favorite retro characters like Mario, Sonic and Pac-Man on the back to the Box Art tees we made in 2019, they were all in demand. We even got the incomparable and Unstoppable ToySldrs to design a tee based on Street Fighter for our 2017 event. So with video games, charity and streetwear in mind, it's only right that we bring you SUPER by Cope.

Every month or so, SUPER by Cope will be giving the proceeds from at least one of our products to a charity or cause of our choice. The charity, cause or fundraiser will always have ties to the Black community and will usually benefit the children in our community. If you would like to donate or if have any suggestions, please contact us at Info@SUPERbyCope.com with "Charity" in the topic.

Don't worry. Super Console Drive tournaments will not be going anywhere either. They will be more frequent soon and online as well. And proceeds will continue to go to Harlem schools.

You make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give.


If you have any questions about SUPER by Cope: Info@SUPERbyCope.com

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If you have any questions about the Super Console Drive tournaments and events: SuperConsoleDrive@gmail.com

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