August's Cause: The Brownies' Book™

What's good? As always, I'd like to think y'all for supporting last month's cause. B.L.A.C.C. will be putting the money donated to them towards Iconic Power, a Black owned portable charger company. They will be giving away 15 solar powered chargers tomorrow. You can read more about that here. Also check in with F.L.O.W. and be sure to give him some kind words as he's been quite busy all July.

But on to the what we have next: My homegirl has been working on reviving a project for our Black children for a little while now and I wanted to help out. I wanted to see it come (back) to life. I was lucky enough to get a yes when I asked her if SUPER could use some of our proceeds from August to support her.

Some of you may have heard of The Brownies' Book™ but if not, allow her to introduce to you:

The Brownies' Book™ is a quarterly magazine for all Children, but Especially Ours. They celebrate and explore the African diasporic cultures from the lens, lifestyles, and thoughts of children, globally. Founded by Dr. W.E.B. DuBois and reignited by Black millennial creatives, The Brownies' Book will generate, represent, and imagine Kid Power.

For more information you should definitely check out and contact them over on Instagram if you have any questions. I also beg you to do even more research on The Brownies' Book™ and W.E.B. Dubois while you're at it.

Now how do WE plan on helping? Well this month we're keeping it simple. 15% of our proceeds will go towards reviving The Brownies' Book™ at the end of the month. No featured item this time. Just know that part of the money you spend will go towards something incredible for the kids.

That's it. I'll holla.

If you have any questions for us, hit us @ or in the DMs.

- Cope