SUPER by You

"You know what game you should put on a shirt?"

There are so many game related shirts I'd like to make but let's be honest, I might not get to your favorite any time soon. This is where SUPER by You comes in. This will be a way to get your very own custom SUPER 1 of 1 shirt or sweatshirt. You'll be able to choose a game, a shirt/sweatshirt color, a style from our current selection (Heavyweight, Pigment-Dyed, etc.) and size of the design (regular or large design) and size of the shirt (anything over XL costs more). Cope will bring it to life but the game and style is yours to choose. And you'll be the only person with it.

Tees will start at $60 and can go up depending on the shirt we use, placement(s) of the design and size of the design. Crewneck sweatshirts & hoodies will start at $100.

Transactions will made through invoices. Orders and price will be discussed through email (and a phone call if need be). I'll show you the mock ups before the shirt is made and pictures of the actual shirt once it's in our hands. You'll pay the invoice (price + shipping) after you get the mock up. You can also receive information on which colors are available and how the shirt should fit before we start the process as well. Expect your custom tee or sweatshirt to be shipped within a month but also to be updated on every step of the process personally.

If you have a shirt or design you'd like to use, we can discuss that as well. You may or not need to provide it. 

Below are the styles to choose from if you'd like. We can also discuss women and kids' products if available. Prices may differ. Note that most products come in sizes S-4XL depending on the color but some shirts go up to 6XL.

Shirt Styles (Short sleeve or long sleeve)

Lightweight Tee
Heavyweight Tee
Heavyweight Pigment-Dyed Tee
Pick your own shirt

Sweatshirt Styles

Midweight Pullover Hoodie
Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie
Midweight Crewneck Sweatshirt
Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt
Pigment-Dyed Pullover Hoodie
Pick your own sweatshirt

Choose your game
Choose between a hoody, crewneck, short sleeve tee or long sleeve tee
Choose the style 
Choose the color and size of your tee/sweatshirt
Choose between a normal design or large design (only available for sizes Large and up)

Note that you can also use this service to order an old shirt or hoody (except the Portland hoodie) that's sold out. It'll be whatever the cost is plus $10.

All SUPER by You orders can be started below or through emailing us at with the word "CUSTOM" or "SUPER by Me" somewhere in the subject. Thank you so much for everything thus far. Let's collaborate.