Introducing SUPER Thursday

We cordially invite you all to SUPER Thursday. Every Thursday at 8 PM EST we'll be playing different games with all of our followers (on the Playstation and Switch for now). We love that we've been able to create a community since launch and we'd like to continue that. Sometimes we'll stream. Sometimes we'll collaborate with other content creators. We're also looking forward to hosting official tournaments on SUPER Thursday as well. Please be on the look out for all of those things every week.

This Thursday we'll have a friend lobby up on GTA Online (PS4 & PS5) so we need 31 of y'all. Anything goes in this lobby. Just no hacking. we'll be streaming too. Add us on PSN & Twitch: SUPERbyCope.

For updates, please follow us on all social media platforms. All of the links, including our discord, will be below.

PSN (PS5): SUPERbyCope
Switch Friend Code: SW-7380-2293-5918

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